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  Hockey club called EVVA BRUSIČI (Sharpers) has a long tradition. According to the historians club was founded somewhen between years 1980-1981 of the last century. It was Friday at 7.45 pm in the restaurant
U Bubeničků under initial name HC IMPASTO. Immediately after completing financial matters and licence, club registered to 7.c group of PLLH and from the beginning became“ pike of slack water“ PLLH
(Prague league ice hockey)
   Club has attracted from its beginning not only media but also public by its new training procedures, followed up by results. It is not a surprise that HC IMPASTO was progressing through league.Club's biggest success was in 1999/2000 when it advanced as far as to 4th league, won fairness competition and club's players putted together most of all individual prices.   After this success club HC IMPASTO did not have rosy time. Respected coach Karel Rabbit has left together with few sustenance. Club has continued in lower competitions but has never reached for success from its season of 1999/2000.
   Breaking point of club came in 2006 when boggling HC IMPASTO was bought by company EVVA Praha, predator in field of security systems. EVVA Praha bought all club`s stocks, appointed its management and consolidated situation in the club. Club has changed its name to EVVA BRUSIČI (Sharpers), saying farewell to grey and uninteresting players and its star is raising again. But it is already present time which you can see e.g. in Sazka Arena. Sazka Arena
is a domestic field of Sharpers from EVVA and place where competitors get regular masive thrasing.

Translated Hana Nelesovska 

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